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Julie Cuthbert, Text - Write - Incite

“When I first joined Women Getting Results™ I was fairly new to running my own business and thought I was fine going it alone but I was floundering and a little lost and didn’t have a lot of direction. I thought I knew everything I needed to know but since being part of the group, I realise now how little I knew and just how important it is to surround yourself with like minded business women who you can bounce ideas off of and call upon for support during those inevitable times in business when things get tough and it all seems too hard. Not only does Caren give you amazing advice and insight but also practical work to go on with to push you and your business to new heights.”

Rebecca Stevens, Balm Natural Health


"From the moment I sat in as a guest of the Women Getting Results meeting, I was hooked, I wanted to sign up then and there.

I felt so at home with Caz and her team as well as the lovely supportive business women in the group. I knew I had finally found the tribe and the leader that I had been searching for all my journey of owning my own business. It has now been 5 years in the group under Caz’s mentorship and I can honestly say it has impacted my business in more ways that I could ever have imagined. I have formed strong alliances and friendships with the other women and has taken my business to a point where I can truly say I run a successful and profitable enterprise, which will keep on growing."

Tania Bell, Green Room Interiors


"Caren Hendrie is a dynamic business woman who has a wealth of knowledge to impart on others. Caren's Women Getting Results™ mentoring is a very valuable business tool.

Being involved with like-minded businesswoman is vital to a strong and healthy business. Too often women are conducting business on their own, not knowing who to trust, who to turn to or why having a mentor is so powerful.

You will meet other amazing businesswomen and learn how to conduct your business better. Caren is there through the process to offer you as much or as little assistance as you need. I would highly recommend Caren's Women Getting Results™"

- Jenny Newman, Century21 Unlimited


"The best thing about Women Getting Results™ is that I know I'm not alone with many of the thoughts and issues I have felt about my business.

I love the fact that the group is not too big, and also how it is diverse in what types of businesses are involved. This way, it stays inviting and I feel supported. Not to mention, Caz and Kathryn make you feel welcome and give you support that makes it even better!"

- D. Vandermeer, Gilbert & Marcel


"The best thing about Women Getting Results™ is the relatively small group size which allows for more open discussions about shared experiences and an opportunity to really get to know the various participants and businesses involved.

Despite the diversity, we all have common questions and issues, and the discussions and information provided to date has certainly been helpful. We've only had 2 sessions so far but I have already enjoyed doing business with one member and intend to use three other members for their services in the near future."

- Denh Lay, Denh Lay Photography


"Last night was excellent. The catering was sensational and $15 was too cheap! You put so much into everything you do. None of us expected such an action packed night BUT it was brilliant!

Well done and thanks for your honesty and faith in what I do. I truly appreciate it. Caren - you blow me away! Thank you"

- Julie Cuthbert, Text – Write - Incite


"Prior to the launch of my new business, I knew what my business did, but just didn't quite know how to pitch it in a concise way that would have customers wanting to know more. I engaged The Hendrie Group and worked with Caren to develop my USP statement. Not only did I come away with a proposition that said exactly what I was offering, but it gave me numerous notes, ideas, and marketing angles to further pursue my sales approach. It's a must for all business owners!"

- Dawn Anglicas, Owner, Hey Frog Pty Ltd - Maroondah Yarra Ranges Kids"



As always, thanks for not only an inspirational networking night but, more importantly, a whole lot of fun. As time goes on these ladies are not only networking, marketing, PR buddies they're becoming friends. And it's friends that help you grow your business.

Formality is now well and truly out the window and a relaxed 'who gives a stuff' atmosphere is bonding us all beautifully. Hat's off to you.

- Leonie Bailey, Delancey Legal


"It was a great night, lots of fun and new connections."

- Leanne Pilcher, ForeverLasting Flowers


“When I first joined Women Getting Results™ I was new to running my own business and struggled with lack of direction. Over the years learning from Caz and working with this wonderful group of women, I have gained the knowledge and confidence to move my business forward as well as an amazing support network to share challenges and successes with.”

Denh Lay - Denh Lay Photography

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