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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caren's hourly rate?

Based on Caren's level of experience and qualifications, her hourly rate is $350. This is why Women Getting Results™ is so cost effective. You can take advantage of the economies of scale by joining a group, and at the same time network with other fantastic businesswomen. AND if you decide you'd like any of her one-on-one business or financial services, members get generous discounts.

So what does Women Getting Results™ cost?

Just $90 + GST per month!! Unbelievable value. And it's tax deductible. And if you're registered for GST you can claim that portion back!

Importantly, your first meeting is free so you always get to "try before you buy."

Are you locked into your Women Getting Results™ membership?

Absolutely not! If your circumstances change and you need to leave the group, that's fine. There are no minimum commitment periods that you need to fulfil.

What happens if I miss a meeting?

We record all Women Getting Results™ strategy meetings. This means if you're unable to attend the meeting in person, you'll receive a full video recording of the meeting within a few days.

Is Women Getting Results™ only for women?

Yes. There's something special about the way women network together and support each other, and we want to foster this in our groups. So as the name suggests, these business groups are for women only.

How do I find out more about what goes on in a typical Women Getting Results™ meeting?

Go to the What is Women Getting Results™? page

How do I join Women Getting Results™?

Go to the Become a Member page

What is a SuperGroup event?

Go to the Come to an Event page

Who is Caren Hendrie?

Go to the About Us page for more information about Caren.

Who are The Hendrie Group?

Go to The Hendrie Group website for more information about Caren's family business.

Do you have to be a member of Women Getting Results™ to use Caren's services?

No. Caren is happy to offer business and financial advice to non-members (male and female) and you are also welcome to any of The Hendrie Group services. We regularly host Women Getting Results™ events for all local businesswomen and would love to see you there!!